Attention Mr. Gupta

c/o Mahindra & Mahindra @MahindraSouthAfrica #Mahindra_SA  @MahindraRise

Dear Mr. Mahindra 

I am interested if you agree that human's have free choice or free will?

We do not choose our parents, our sex, the century that we live in or our children's intelligence, OK not yet anyway.  

My point is it may be said that if we have any realistic 'free choice' it is limited to our morality.

In other words would you agree that humans are possibly 'moral decision makers' and that is about it? There are exceptions excuse the pun.

That is like saying there is no such thing as coincidence. Would than mean that if ones name is 'Bernie' you going for the bucks?

May I ask if you believe in a creator or I hate using the word God. The point here is it matters not if you believe  if its faith or whatever the problem is when someone says I quote, ''Well I do not know because of this and that and science and whatever. My point is I believe the world is not black or white but one must know what he or she believes. 

What your dealer in Alberton did was not 'expected salesmanship' it was no a gray area or a 'lie' that is accepted even from a parent trying to save their young child who needs expensive surgery. This is not something 2 individuals could ever agree on as its not about the act but the individuals personality. No that is not what happened here. 

The problem is the salesman is the type of individual who holds no loyalty whatsoever if you understand what I am trying to say is simply he no longer wants to sell Mahindra. He knows that usually in these situations the unwritten rule goes like this the ends 'the extra sale for the month justify the means' unless you get caught.

If you get caught you are on your own we say we know no thing and you agree you lose your job.  If one apple in the building was not rotten then maybe but if according to multiple people who have no thing to lose or win claim the same. In other words how many people must tell you you have a tail until you actually take a look?

I have been in a similar situation no not in the period chair but wanting to be fired killing 5 birds with one stone. I also thought I was so smart like Al Capone. Please if you have any mercy help these people before they really hang themselves as while driving at around 110 km per hour the vehicle made a noise that end in the end I was lucky maybe the next family will not be as lucky. Some tough love is necessary consequences must be harsh enough to prevent loss of life. As after what I have witnessed this will not be a coincidence.

I really hope I am wrong. Usually I am but so far across the line cannot be swept under the carpet. Do not reward me for-what is necessary. In other words coming from someone who cannot write to save their life is take responsibility  that is why you are here in this time and space. 

You are being called on by the real CEO. Help these people or they will end up killing people.